A Song For The New Year

The days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve have always been a time for me where I find the tranquility to dig into personal projects without much distraction. The past few days I have been writing and recording a new song, which is a first for me, in that I wrote a two-hand Piano part and learned to play it – a thing I wouldn’t have been able to to a few months ago.

The song is a little Pop tune with a melancholy tinge. It was originally a lot darker until I added bass and drums in the recording process. As the overall mood is now almost uplifting but modulates between dark minor and brighter major chords, I decided to dedicate this song to the upcoming year 2013 and all the hopes and fears that we’ve been through this past year and will likely go through again in the new year. It also goes out as an end-of-year greeting to all my friends, relatives and people I cherish.

I hope you like it!

Download: MP3 | Ogg Vorbis


  • Clavia Nord Electro 3 (Piano)
  • Kurzweil PC3 (Intro synth sounds)
  • 4Front Bass Plugin
  • DrumCore 3 Free Plugin
  • Tracktion 3 (DAW)
  • Tascam US-1641 (Audio interface)

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  1. jeff little sagt:

    this is not criticism you are doing very well
    you have equipment i can only dream of owning
    you have to really hit those keys like you mean it
    you are not giving justice to the nord
    some of the chords were nice
    join a band, go have some fun thats what music is about
    I have owned in the past from 1976
    yamaha cs10,cs15,cs30L,SS30,CX5M,SY22
    roland sh101,juno2,sound canvas & keyboard
    Sequential Circuits sixtrack
    kawai k3m (controlled by juno2 for layered sounds)
    Casio CZ-101
    rhodes stage 73
    and lots more i cant remember
    all i have now is an SY85 which i can say is the best synth i have ever had apart from the sy22 which had multi layering and vector synthesis but sound quality not as good

    • Chris sagt:

      Hi and thanks for your thoughts. I am certainly still only a beginner on the keys and need lots more practice. I am not interested solely in performing, though. I like sound design, recording and songwriting and just playing around with gear as well.

    • rmftc sagt:

      Good point, Jeff! :-) What if the universe is full of all the hq sounds, but noone ever will hear/admire them … Music is always a matter of addressing it somewhere … and share feelings/emotions with others .. This leads to the thoughts to simplify gear as mutch as possible to be able to concentrate to the most important message (which obviously is not to show of your latest gear) … until you’re free (again) :-)

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