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Benjamins Schlaflied

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Welcome, my Nephew

Here is a little song I wrote for my nephew, who was born two weeks ago, to welcome him into this world and hopefully give him some comfort while he rests from the tiring all-day business of processing his mother’s milk. It is thus called Benjamins Schlaflied (Benjamin’s Lullaby) and I play the piano and an accordion, which I borrowed from my sister (the mother) a while ago. It is the first time I used an accordion in a song, so please excuse my less than virtuoso playing.

According to the internet, Benjamin may mean “son of the south” or “son of fortune”, among other things. If Nomen est Omen, he seems to be destined for a bright future. I give him my best wishes for the journey of live he has embarked on!

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Get the gist of it

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Some months ago I finally caught up with modern development practices and switched to Git for new software projects. I even now use my GitHub and Bitbucket accounts more often, e.g. for collaboration projects, though I host my own projects on my own server with the help of Trac and gitosis.

One thing I do like about GitHub though, are Gists. Like many good ideas this one makes one wonder, why nobody came up with it before. Basically Gists are code snippets you publish on the web (like in a pastebin) but they are under version control and each Gist is its own mini git repository. They let you share programming ideas and nifty little tools with the rest of the world with ease and others can easily take them and comment, expand or correct them. The revision control makes it clear, what developed from where and who did what. Finally, your Gist page on GitHub serves as a central place, where you can browse, search and present all these digital scrap notes.

It is also very easy to include Gists in your blog, which is what I’m starting with this post.

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